I graduated in Fine Arts, with specialization in engraving. I have explored and worked with many media over the years. My professional career has been based mainly on textile illustration, creating my own brand 17 years ago.

I have deepened into different stamping and printing techniques such as screen printing, sublimation, photoengraving...

I am currently focused on illustration, discipline with which I enjoy greatly.

In my work I am inspired by everyday situations that become special moments, the importance of what goes unnoticed, intimacy, the poetic; and nature as a background, the field, the sea.

The movement is present in many of my works, as a symbol of life, joy and happiness; although I am also attracted by the magic of calm, the feeling of peace.

I enjoy creating things that can make the viewer smile.

GLOURISTUDIO: Illustration by Glouri
contact: glouritru@gmail.com
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